The Inner Child Podcast

#38: Money Talks! Healing Financial Wounds from Childhood with Nadine Zumot

January 05, 2022 Gloria Zhang Episode 38
The Inner Child Podcast
#38: Money Talks! Healing Financial Wounds from Childhood with Nadine Zumot
Show Notes

Do you have a hard time holding onto money or sticking to budgets? Why do the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer? The root issue might shock you- Your inner child!  Even your relationship with money has everything with your childhood! In this fascinating episode, I talk to my former client, Nadine Zumot (@saveamillioncents), a Certified Money Coach and founder of Save A Million Cents. We do a deep dive into how to heal your money wounds, feel deserving of becoming richer, archetypes, plus our favorite rock bands and Nadine's funny love story!

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Episode Highlights:

  • The true root of your money wounds
  • How to build wealth using inner child healing
  • Why band-aid solutions to budgeting DOESN'T work
  • Using Money Archetypes to navigate a high achiever's money wounds
  • How Nadine's relationships changed after doing her inner child work using our program
  • Music that Nadine grew up listening to, a funny story of how she and her husband met, and more!

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